Reaching Cities for Christ

We believe that any city can be reached for Christ in a few years. It
will take four things -

1. The Body of Christ coming together in functioning unity. This
means a coming together of all involved in ministry/leadership -
pastors, para-church leaders, house church leaders, authors,
intercessors, etc. - such as GOD is doing in many cities around the

2. All believers released and mentored to their destiny - Eph. 4:11-12.
All believers need to be released to be who they are in GOD - and
mentored toward their destiny. This is what Eph. 4:11-12 is all about -
we are to equip the saints for THEIR ministry. What we do is not
important except as it equips the saints for their ministry. It's their
ministry that needs to come into focus - and we need to be coaches.

3. All believers challenged and trained to reach "their world." All
believers need to be challenged and trained to reach their "world."
This will include training them to be personal soul winners. I believe
that GOD is about to release a new wave of evangelism. I am
believing GOD for millions of soul winners to be raised up around the

4. There needs to be a functioning representative of the Body in each
neighborhood. The spiritual leaders of the city need to encourage all
believers to find the other believers in their neighborhood, work place,
etc. These groupings of believers in each neighborhood, work place,
etc., need to be encouraged to begin meeting together once a month
to get better acquainted, pray for one another, begin to pray for the
neighborhood, begin to meet the needs in the neighborhood, and
being to literally be the Body of Christ in the neighborhood. In time
they will begin to see others coming to Christ through their servant-

As thousands of believers become Spirit-led soul winners, and as the
neighborhood and work place fellowships being to reach out in each
neighborhood and work place, the city will literally be reached for
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