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Radical Christianity

Voice Of One Crying  (John & Amy Meyer)
Living Truth   (New Covenant Living)
Alternative Christian Link Portal  (Large list of many sites)
Remember Christ (Rich Shrout)
A Wilderness Voice (Michael Clark & George Davis)
Chapel Spa
Leonard's Lighthouse
The Coming Fire
The Revelation of the Lost Keys
Central Truth Ministries
Cell Church Info

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The Home Church Home Page (Tracey Amino)
Home Church Discussion List
House To House (Network of groups)
House Church Talk
House Church Network (David Anderson)
In My Father's Vineyard (Wayne Jacobsen)
House Church Registry 1
House Church Registry 2
House Church Search

Reaching Cities

Houses of Glory

Church Planting

Church Planting Coaches (YWAM)
Network of Open Church Ministries
New Testament Church Planting
Dawn Ministries
Crushed Grapes (Frank Smith)
Simple Church (Joseph & Valerie Cartwright)
Radical Church (Bob Lund)
Rich Harvest (Steve Corgan)
Walk This Way (Russell Cody)


Christian Missions (Links to Global Missions)

Biblical Equality of Women

Christians For Biblical Equality


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