Biblical Equality of Women

The traditional teaching of many churches is that women are to be
under their husband's authority and have a limited role in the church.
Many years of study have brought Joanne Krupp to the conclusion
that this traditional teaching has been brought to the scriptures, not
found in it.

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WOMAN - God's Plan, not Man's Tradition *
In her book, Joanne Krupp exegetically looks at every passage in
the Bible that addresses this subject. She concludes that what the
Bible, in fact, teaches is that men and women are equal before God,
and are to be mutually submitted to one another in the home and in
the church, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. - 168 pages

Personal Workbook *
for "WOMAN - God's Plan, not Man's Tradition" above. - 44 pages.
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Biblical Equality Of Women
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