The Church In Transition

The Church of Jesus Christ is in the process of major change in this hour,
restoring it to the radical Christianity of the First Century. This is in
preparation for:

    a great end-time revival
    a final, great ingathering of the harvest
    coming persecution

The following writings are on the cutting edge of what God is saying
and doing.

Some Short Writings

 A Fresh Breeze is Blowing
 A Growing House Church Movement in North America and Around the World.  
 Reasons for Today's House Church Movement
 Planting a Church God's Simple Way
 A Message to House Church Leaders
 Fellowship of House Churches/Statement of Belief and Purpose
 Caution - Steps to Denominationalism
 Evaluating Your Home Church Group
 What About The Teaching Of Ultimate Reconciliation?
 The High Calling
 Dying To Self


NOTE: College credit is available for courses built around these writings.

The Church Triumphant at the End of the Age *
by Nate Krupp. The end-time Church characterized by revival, restoration,  
unity, world evangelization, and persecution. A major work. 360 pages.

New Wine Skins *
by Nate Krupp. Five Major Trends in the World today, Five Major Trends in
the Church Today, and Fifteen ways GOD is changing His Church today.
32  pages.

God's Simple Plan for His Church *
by Nate Krupp. A radical look at God's Biblical plan for His Church. A manual
for House Churches. 175 pages.

Leadership-Servanthood in the Church *
by Nate Krupp. A 22-page book which examines every major passage in the
New Testament on the subject.

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