Christian Leadership University

A University Without Walls

Christian Leadership University is a new concept in education. It's
purpose is to raise up leaders in every discipline of life who can
creatively integrate Biblical principles with the Holy Spirit's anointing.
Since study is done in your home, at your own pace, you can design
your own study program and be in touch with your instructors via
e-mail, faxes, and the telephone.

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available in the
Colleges of Communication, Creativity, Education, Human Services,
and Leadership.

Course Descriptions -

The following courses have been developed around the writings of
Nate and Joanne Krupp and are available through Christian
Leadership University.

BIB 109 - New Testament Survey
(4 credits)

Study the entire New Testament, verse by verse. Receive
background information on each book. The Gospels will be covered
as a single, chronological account. The rest of the New Testament is
covered in the order it was written, not in the order found in the
Bible. Apply all of this to your everyday life. You will know the New
Testament when you are finished.
Option #1 - Do the study as part of a Bible study group - 1
additional credit.
Option #2 - Initiate and lead the group - 1 additional credit.

BIB 110 - How to Study the Bible
(3 credits)

In this course you will learn how to take God's Word into your life -
basic ways to read, study, memorize, and meditate on God's Word
by actually doing all of these things, including an in-depth study of
one of the smaller books in the New Testament. You will develop
life-long goals and plans of mastering the Bible and letting It master
you. You will also learn how to lead a Bible study group and gain
experience in doing that.
Option #1- Do the study as part of a Bible study group - 1
additional credit.
Option #2 - Initiate and lead the group - 1 additional credit.

EVA 210 - Personal Evangelism
(3 credits)

This course is a study of practical approaches to personal
evangelism. It includes learning how to initiate the conversation with
someone, present the Gospel to them, and lead them to Christ if
they are ready. It includes spending thirty hours in actual, practical,
personal evangelism.
Option #1- Lead someone to Christ and disciple for six months -
1 additional credit.
Option #2 - Train another soul winner - 1 additional credit.

REN 110 - Qualities GOD is Looking for in Us
(3 credits)

This course looks at 53 different disciplines and character traits that
GOD is looking for in us. You will be greatly challenged!

REN 220 - What God is Saying to the Church Today
(3 credits)

An overview of the Church throughout history and a look at what
God is saying to and doing in the Church today. Looks at the five
basic areas of revival, restoration, unity, world evangelization, and
end-time persecution.

THE 103 - Foundational Studies About the Christian Faith
(1 credit)

This course is a study of what the Bible says about the basic truths
of the Christian faith and life. It covers sixteen foundational areas of
truth including: Is there a God?, The issue of sin, What provision did
God make for man's sin?, How should man respond to God's
provision?, Abiding in Christ, The Christian and God's Word, The
Christian and prayer, The Christian and the Holy Spirit, The
Christian and warfare, The Christian and witnessing, The Christian
and the home, The Christian and the Church, The Christian and
business affairs, The Christian and discipleship, The Christian and
service, and The Christian and the return of Christ.
Option #1- Do the study as part of a Bible study group -1
additional credit.
Option #2 - Initiate and lead the group - 1 additional credit.

THE 207 - God's Release of Women
(3 credits)

A look at God's true plan for women: a plan of equality and release,
in the home and in the church. All the major portions of Scripture
dealing with the role of woman will be carefully studied. You will study
several contemporary books on the subject and apply the truth to
your own life.

THE 210 - Getting to know GOD
(3 credits)

This course looks at 57 different aspects of the Person, character,
and attributes of GOD. It will change your life!

THE 331 - House Church
(2 credits)

A look at the growing, world-wide, house-church movement. How to
start and conduct a house church. How to evangelize the world by a
multiplication of simple house-churches.
Option #1 - Be part of a functioning house-church - 1 additional
Option #2 - Start a house-church - 1 additional credit.

THE 531 - House Church
(4 credits)

For graduate students - as above except options are required.

THE 332 - Leadership-Servanthood in the Church
(3 credits)

This course examines every major passage in the New Testament
on the subject of Church leadership. You may find yourself coming
to some startling conclusions.

THE 532 - Leadership-Servanthood in the Church
(3 credits)

For graduate students - as above.

For Further Information about these specific courses, contact:

Nate and Joanne Krupp
2121 Barnes Avenue SE
Salem, OR 97306-1096, USA
Phone 503/585-4054
Fax 503/375-8401

Certificate in Christian Ministry

A Certificate in Christian Ministry is available from CLU for those who
complete all of these, and several other foundational, courses.

Christian Leadership University
1431 Bullis Road
Elma, NY 14058, USA
Fax 716-652-6961

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