Nate and Joanne Krupp


Nate and Joanne Krupp

* Married and in Christian work together since 1961
* Parents of two grown children, both serving the Lord
* Grandparents of six beautiful and energetic grandchildren
* Live in Salem, OR


Nate Krupp

* Graduate of Purdue University, 1957, B.S. Mech. Engineering
* University of the Nations, 1987, M.A. Christian Ministries
* Led to Christ in 1957 by two Hebrew Christians while a senior at Purdue
* Trained people for personal evangelism for ten years
* Door-to-door evangelism in Chicago for five years
* Taught in Youth With A Mission schools for five years
* Pastored two years
* Part of national prayer movement for five years
* Working with house church movement 1966-70 and since 1987
* Author of numerous books, Bible study aids, evangelism tools, and discipleship
* Founder of Preparing The Way Publishers

Joanne Krupp

* Graduate of Asbury College, 1958, Social Studies (Elementary Education)
* Ministry with women since 1971
* Author of WOMAN - God's Plan, not Man's Tradition


Nate & Joanne Krupp
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